Installer and Launcher2008-10-23 17:22:32

The latest installer can be downloaded from Downloads. The installed game can be moved to other locations when needed, the launcher works with relative paths. Patching starts by clicking the 'Update' button; it will take about 15-30 minutes for the first time.

Once patching has finished, click the 'Play' to load up the client. Ogre3D configuration screen lets you adjust video settings (saved in ogre.cfg in install folders). Select DirectX and put VSync on to make sure your video card is not stressed too much.

At the login screen create a new game account. This process doesn't require account activation, but password reset and reminders can only be sent to valid email addresses.

You may want to review your settings, especially that the server points to mage-online.com. Don't forget to save your changes.

After login, you will arrive to the lobby where new characters can be generated or selected for playing. To rename or delete a character contact admins in game, or post a request on our forums.

New players should read the green tutorial messages which are given at every new levels. /help prints the list of commands.

Forums and Wiki will require separate account registrations for security reasons.

See you in game!

Latest Updates2016-09-05 07:14:24

Please visit our forum to learn about the recent game updates.

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