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General Discussion / Re: Steam release
« Last post by mage on March 04, 2017, 06:50:14 PM »
Welcome to MO!

Valve pretty much didn't like the idea that we do not charge money for this game. To be honest, this has always been a hobby for most of us and couldn't commit to offer proper support to our players 24/7 which is why we thought a free game should truly be free :)

We are using MYSQL database, and now im in the process to change that to SQLite which will allow us to offer dedicated servers, and let players manage the content entirely.

If we get this far, i can imagine we could charge a low 9$ for the game so Valve would be happy to publish it.

I will show where the clay is in-game.
General Discussion / Steam release
« Last post by DizzyQuizzy on March 04, 2017, 06:37:32 PM »
Hello team of Mage online

First off, I am quite impressed with this game. I wasn't expecting such a feature rich game, with such a level of polish to boot. It's really cool so kudos to the devs.

Now the only thing it lacks is a population obviously as most people don't even know it exists, but iv noticed it was greenlit on steam and the release date there said "late 2016" so I'm just curious if the steam release would be soon? If not, what are the things you feel the game needs before it would be ready for a steam release? A free to play sandbox mmo with no cash shop like this would be absolutely huge as there is a large market of players that love these type of games. Anyways good work on the game guys you really got something special here!

P.S. where is clay? I've been mining everywhere trying to find some but I've had no luck yet lol not sure what I'm missing
DOWNLOAD / Email activation
« Last post by mage on March 04, 2017, 07:27:42 AM »
There was a problem with SMF latest update. After correcting the following lines (based on SMF discussions) it all started to work.

      // EHLO could be understood to mean encrypted hello...
//      if (server_parse('EHLO ' . $modSettings['smtp_host'], $socket, null) == '250')
      if (server_parse('EHLO ' . 'localhost', $socket, null) == '250')

Posted here in case next forum software update breaks it - i won't forget about it :)

Also thanks Ardonius for reporting the issue!
Patches and Release Notes / Re: Work-In-Progress
« Last post by mage on March 01, 2017, 07:45:02 PM »
- Change collision code to new and faster one.
DOWNLOAD / Server Status
« Last post by mage on October 11, 2016, 07:48:07 AM »
Moved server due to frequent DDOS attacks, the statistics site can be found at
« Last post by mage on September 20, 2016, 01:53:55 PM »
[Launcher 1.54]

- added 'verify' button to validate resource database. it's available after update is run.
- changed the 'update' button to turn into 'play' after an successful update is run.
- fixed progress bar for huge files
- added launcher version check and notification
- added progress bar numbers
- ability to add music to resource library
- added back the lost application icon
- improved printing speed

You do not need to uninstall previous version of the launcher.

Installer might require administrator rights depending on where you install it.
Patches and Release Notes / Work-In-Progress
« Last post by mage on September 20, 2016, 01:51:05 PM »
Next Patch:

Last Patch:
- Change collision code to new and faster one.

- Moved server due to DDOS attacks. The statistics site can be found at
- Added gravity functionality which will detect objects in air and drop them. (for now requires console activation)
- Players will automatically turn toward their combat targets.
- Optimized shaders for better performance.
- Removed auto-attack system.
- Changed Fast Attack skill to cost less stamina to compensate for the missing auto attack hits.
- Fixed a small bug in the animation player.

- Added final quality check to crafting mechanism. The lower the quality of the item the higher the chance for failure.
- Changed the way how inventory items are moved around. Left click and hold while moving the picked up item to its new location, then release to drop it.

- changed crafting study limit to rank 60
- recipes requiring bucket of water will use nearby wells instead inventory items
- added toggle option for craft queue items to auto-reload them.
- crafting low level/trivial recipes will always reward 25% experience.
- normal crafting assigns 10% of the earned experience to executed recipe.
- practice crafting assigns 30% of the earned experience to executed recipe.
- study crafting assigns 50% of the earned experience to executed recipe.
- Stone trader at pyramid site will trade Household Mine entrance for faction tokens.
- Added Household Mines which can be dropped within player households to open permanent mines. These mines do not have stairs, so make sure you have ladders while digging deeper.
- Updated description on several dungeon rooms and items.
- Added resource trader for dungeon rooms (Vault/Warehouse/Caretaker/Trainer/SteamMachine/Sifter/Factory/etc). These resources do not regenerate, crafters need to make and sell them.
- Added new pet called Miner. The summon spell is sold at Tutorial Agent and it requires 25 rank in mining to use.
- Fixed pet miners to mine only rubble stages. This way player controls where the mining occurs.
- Changed pet miners to not give experience to owner.
- Miners will follow player when (blue) follow button is used in pet panel.
- Miners will pick rubble targets based on distance from their current location instead player's location.
- Miners will re-evaluate rubble targets after combat (if they survive as their level has been fixed to 5).

Previous Patches:
- Upgraded skeleton models and animations.
- Fixed Palm seedling texture.
- Fixed a bug which prevented planting tree seedlings outside your household. Hold the shift key while dropping the seedling to ground.
- Fixed a bug which required player to relog after placing farms to activate farm.
- NPC Badeek will sell two new spells for miners. These spells can be cast on other players even if they do not meet the mining skill requirements.
- Added Mining Luck spell, which boosts your  chance at finding silver, gold veins and treasure nodes. Requires rank 20 mining skill.
- Added Miner Survey spell which periodically will pulse and survey the mine around your current location. Requires rank 30 mining skill.
- added tin, copper, gold, silver veins! Those once found will yield specific ore type in greater numbers.
- granite blocks will have higher chance to spawn gold/silver veins
- rare veins will reward more skill experience. gold = 10x, silver 5x, others 2x than normal.
- changed rocks resolution, textures should stretch less now.
- added level cap to percentage based reward experience.','xx',1,0),(3,3,2,1471499477,1,3,'Release History','mage','','',1,0,'','','0.6 (Released 2015-02-15)
- Fixed collision code to not allow player slide inside objects in rare occasions.
- Fixed repeatable quests to update NPC dialog after turning them in.
- Added new road exchange quest to stone trader.
- Fixed an old bug which caused client to reject first mouse click after loading game on environment (npcs/objects).
- Moved spawn position for new characters next to tutorial agent.
- Changed chest mesh and animation.
- Changed logon panel to exclude settings and credits tabs. These will pop new dialogs.
- Added settings to UI layout menu. Type /settings or click the blue cogs to get started. Changing video resolution will restart (exit for now) client.
- Added loading screen progress bar.
- Added new bookcase versions. Right click the tall empty bookcase to change its appearance.
- Added new carpet textures. Right click your carpet to cycle between 5 different texture. More texture/shape to be added later.
- Enabled double crafting experience!
- Added Household road blocks. These will server as controller to player housing.
- Vendors will pay 70% base price instead 50% for treasures! Barter will be added as usual on top of this 70%.
- Added farming grounds road type. This serves as placeholder to farms. Player can change access rights to make it public/guild/private.
- Fixed bound items cannot be moved to shared chests, or taken from others chest.
- Chest decay will mail bound items to their owner before ownership is dropped.
- Changed the way houses are built. First, you need to create pavement (out of road blocks), then drop the house at the middle of 3x3/5x5 area.
- Right click on houses will open control window where upgrade options will show. (rotate, door, delete)
- Added new road blocks to test ideas on city building.
- Changed even more texture materials to have normal maps.
- Added quest name sorting for journal, changed also to left aligned from center.
- Daily/repeatable quests will show up under history tab when completed and on timeout.
- Fixed normal maps on FUSE characters (added proper tangent vectors).
- Fixed moving items from backpack to busy containers locations. Warning is given and destination item will be unlocked.
- Right click on planted trees will indicate growth stages.
- Fixed facility interaction ranges for mines.
- Added clear indication to planted trees to check whether they reached final growth stages. Click on the tree without axe equipped to assess them.
- Spells in spell book can be swapped instead requiring to move them to empty slots first. This works across book pages.
- Added new limestone nodes which when mined produce pyramid building blocks. They are more common around 6-7 levels deeper in the yellow+ survey areas.
- Changed no-drop/no-trade flags to 'bind on acquire'.
- added craftable well room for your dungeon
- added alive poll to reliable detect client side connection loss
- added new pyramid stones
- Invasion base level starts around average player level.
- Raiding zombies and skeletons should have their purse filled now.
- Added new mesh/animation to Sifter Machine.
- Added new item types to mining, which will be used in sifter machine to refine them.
- Added "Strange Rock" to mining. This item may contain many different items.
- Implemented Sifter Machine which is able to process dirt&stones according to wiki.
- Added coloring to quests to mark them completed (green) or (yellow) for the daily repeatable ones.
- Changed daily quest timers to 16 hours from 23 hours. This gives the player 8 hours time to work on the quests.
- Changed daily quest should reward experience based on player levels. Roughly 10 daily quest will give XP for a single level.
- Added "Keep Door Closed" flag for player door modules. The caretaker will try to visit these doors and close them.
- Invaders now damage your Vault's power first. Once the power level drops to 0%, the raid ends with an announcement on how many raiders killed.
- Changed several recipes to require only single bucket of water.
- Changed the way tooltips are handled.
- Added tooltip to chat messages. Position your mouse to the start of the chat lines to get time information.
- Type /invasion to trigger Vault raids.
- Fixed a bug causing keyboard input to fail at low fps situations.
- Fixed a bug causing Guardians to not detect Vaults.
- Changed power requirement for upgraded Guardians.
- Traps will be consuming Vault power based on their upgrade levels.
- Guardians will spawn when Vault power level is not zero.
- Removing Vaults should return invested money.
- Vaults must be improved to 100% before upgrading them.
- Added new Vault control panel.
- Power drain is calculated for your dungeon rooms. Vault power capacity and regen rate is also working.
- Vaults can be upgraded now. There are 10 upgrade levels. Be warned, control + right click on valut won't return invested upgrade money yet!
- Mine guardians shall require operational Vault to spawn.
- Fixed client side bug causing not to refresh object information panels.
- Added feature to use closest warehouse possible when storing items to them.
- Added switch for player warehouse to mark them as factory output.
- Fixed a bug causing not to drop Lady of the forest update.
- Fixed objects not appearing after dropped to ground bug.
- Added craftable torches for your dungeon. Drop them to ground to install.
- Fixed rare crash bug when crafting an item could clear your picked up ingredient in hand.
- Added 4 new ceiling only type. 1x1 and 2x2 rock and wooden.
- Added Alchemy Lab (also scribe and enchanting for now).
- Changed Meshed Bones recipe to accept more commonly available bones with increased yield.
- Fixed a bug with factories producing additional wares  on certain occasions.
- Libraries will apply "Quiet Study" to players with read access to the object.
- "Quiet Study" effect increases study progress and experience by 25%.
- Libraries can be searched once a week now. Players with access to the object will receive a random book to their indentify slot and the Mythology mini-game starts automatically.
- Added new craftable library room.
- Added new craftable workbench room for carpentry, fletching, leatherworking and woodworking.
- Removed blueprint water requirements for manufacturing. The Factory will supply water to recipes.
- Added new craftable massive workbench room for your dungeons.
- Fixed several stack-able items to drop single instance only.
- Fixed Marble Pillar not to rot after zone sleep.
- Changed arrowhead recipe to produce 10 instead 2.
- Upgraded to latest Ogre Engine 1.9.0
- Added new feature to set timeouts for repeatable quests.
- Changed the existing repeatable quests to have 1 hour timer on them.
- Added new magic items to low level bosses.
- Added new thorn leather armor set for low level characters. Sold at guards.
- Modified existing starter armor.
- Fixed caster/melee jewelry stats.
- Added Evade skill.
- Fixed low level Tin/Copper jewelry defense values, and high level Diamond tank set (T6).
- Fixed a bug in new Attack Rate table generator. It was producing twice as high fatal hit chance as it should have.
- Added new missions.
- Fixed mission history recorder.
- Fixed potential crash when selecting mission index.
- Updated credits page.
- Enabled forage and fishing area quality calculations. Working the same area reduces it's quality, which gets restored over time.
- Added warehouses to Bria and Vimes. They will sell and buy foraged ingredients.
- Changed Banana to be edible ingredient.
- Sunny and Anna received new stock items as well.
- Added mesh and texture for Coffee, Vanilla and Cocoa farms.
- Fixed a bug allowed chopping trees from the far distance.
- Added toggle user interface hotkey to F11.
- Added new farm types: coffee, vanilla, cocoa, red berry (their mesh update will happen later this week)
- Fixed craft queue buttons; also added tooltip info to them.
- Added harvestable Ash, Yew and Oak trees. Seedlings are sold at farmer Julia.
- Fixed a mission bug where bosses were using too powerful version of poison effects.
- Changed the way how some of the loot is generated.
- Fixed a bug in loot generator where certain magical items been wiped from the generated loot.
- Added palm tree seedlings to vendor Farmer Julia.
- Added tree seedling warehouse items.
- Fixed the UI skill panel to show rank limit and ratio only for adventurer experience assigned skills.
- Changed the skill name Woodcutting to Foresting.
- Publicly placed trees only reward 20% of the normal experience.  Visit a nearby zone to plant your trees in private mode.
- Some of the zones are under work now, you will find them quite empty (zero vegetation).
- Your privately planted tree will turn public after 7 days. As long as it's private, only you can harvest it.
- Added pine seedling to tine tree loot tables.
- Change the name of Pine Tree item to Pine Seedling. Changed also its icon.
- Fixed bug causing player to lose access to chicken nests.
- Fixed bug related to egg spawn times.
- Added text feedback to chicken nest when left clicked (egg/chicken spawn estimates).
- Added chicken nest, sold by Farmer Julia. Drop to a suitable location to spawn chicken and wait for eggs to harvest.
- Control Right click on nest will destroy it.
- Chicken nests will generate new egg if chicken has been alive for 5-6minutes.
- Changed plant growth time to take 10-15minutes for each stage.
- Added final plant stage (after cutting it down) to leave the tree trunk behind for 15 minutes.
- Added terrain textures around trees.
- Added new planted pine tree sold at Farming area.
- Planted trees can no longer be removed via control right clicks. You must wait and harvest them.
- You may plant trees anywhere in public mode (hold shift key while dropping the item to ground).
- Plant growth has been increased to help testing this new feature.
- Added new upgradable sprint spell. It will require stamina to activate for short boost to your movement speed.
- Starter mine has been reset.
- Added skill rank ratio and cap information to skill panel.
- Changed the way skill rank limits are calculated:
- Enabled running skill which allows faster travel as your skill increases. 1.5% speed increase each step.
- Improved zoning speed and fixed a rare error causing players to drop connection.
- Added missing fishing animations.
- Thirst and hunger levels are both have direct effect on regeneration rates.
- Out of combat regeneration rate has been increased.
- Added new granite pebble recipe to Miner Brick.
- Added code to prevent player using certain items while moving/falling.
- Changed spiders to apply poison only on epic hits.
- Added level 50-55 mission offerings to Three Lakes area.
- Added 3 more braziers, also fixed light position not to be at base, but rather raised to the flame level.
- Fixed a bug which allowed Guardian Trainer and Factory to run with powered down Steam Machine.
- Fixed a potential creature sync bug causing glitches at client side (invisible monsters).
- Fixed a bug with player pets picking on player minions.
- Fixed a bug with player pets selecting targets on different mine levels.
- Click on window close button should not activate objects behind it.
- Alt-tab should no longer require extra clicks to get input working.
- Added shutdown switch to steam machine to save fuel when steam is not needed. Right click the steam room to control this option.
- Fixed a bug with bulk recipes not working properly in factories. (Thanks Zed for reporting).
- Added better looking mine stairs.
- Added new /poi command to create point of interest items. These items are used for various thing to specify locations in the world.
- Fixed a bug introduced last patch causing players unable to pick up items on missions.
- Added new room types allowing various mine flags to be set for each level. This is a moderator only item.
- Added control panels for containers and mine rooms to set their properties. Right click on owned objects to activate.
- Fixed caretakers not being able to load steam engines with coal after previous patch.
- Added Blueprints for grand master ranked recipes.
- Added factory control window.
- Added player factories which use blueprint based production methods.
- Added two new key assignment options to settings panel, the 'Run mode' and the 'Auto run'.
- Added UI interface to change default key bindings. Remember to save after changing. It is possible to assign same key for a specific function e.g. 'i' for both ingredients and backpack.
- Changed stock handler to auto consume wares above 66% availability only. Previously it was 50%.
- Fixed a bug where chest lid wasn't not closing when container window was closed with X button.
- Fixed a bug requiring the player to click twice after zone loading to get up-to-date warehouse stocks.
- Rewritten the code around applying combat effects to players and creatures.
- Added code to let creature apply effects to another creature.
- Added support to configurable conditional combat effects.
- Adding new control pet type, spiders. They will use poison, web and reduced damage to help their masters.
- Fixed a bug causing spiders to slide instead crawl.
- Fixed bug creatures do not face their targets.
- Changed the autoattack to turn off itself when PVP mode is required, or target becomes non-attackable.
- Added new video options to adjust texture quality. This will help for those with old video cards (low = 1/2, very low = 1/4, 8bit times=1/8 down-scale)
- Fixed idle animation for creatures (they shouldn't do the run/walking animation after stopping)
- Enabled warehouse auto-consumption mode. One piece from each ware above 50% stock availability will be bought by NPCs every 8 hours.
- Fixed player combat speed to be capped at 90%.
- Updated player movement speed calculations, being in combat shall not limit your run speed for now.
- Fixed desert vegetation in start zone.
- Changed the way server generates vegetation based on terrain height.
- Fixed a bug with height maps introduced last patch. Thank you Zedrendor for reporting it!
- Adjusted spell effect tick printouts to be more readable with darker background.
- Fixed night time Terrain lighting issues.
- Fixed web effect visuals on dead creatures.
- Added 8 new quests.
- Fixed woodcutting sounds.
- Forage/Mining/Gathering/Woodcutting can now be interrupted by jumping/ESC key.
- Changed the way animations are synced between server-clients.
- Changed terrain monster combat path calculations.
- Added new food effects to Bread/Morning Pancake/Dream Pie. These foods will disable hunger for 30-60-90 minutes.
- Added description to Zombie hunger, also changed icons.
- Fixed several issues with hotbars.
- Added tooltip for menu items.
- Right click on coins in your backpack will stash them to your purse.
- Fixed timeout on death back to 15s
- Added new command:/terrain.0-2 to change level of detail in outside world. /terrain.2 is slowest (50k+ polygons)
- Added new upgradable light spell. New characters receive it upon creation, existing players can purchase it from Tutorial agent.
- Fixed a crash bug when deleting equipped items.
- Changed the way the loot is generated for foresting and surface mining.
- Fixed fishing loot generator to filter skill rank restricted drops.
- Changed NPC greetings and some quest texts.
- Added new help system. As soon as you find information from NPCs (or type /help) you will get a "lexicon of answers" in your spell book.
- Moved mining quests to Miner Brick.
- Changed coloring of quest offers. Unavailable quests will show up in red now.
- Added crafting animation.
- Added new item Flip-flops which give 10% speed boost. This is default to new players now, and can be purchased from vendor for existing players.
- Added Movement Speed stat to character sheet. 100% means normal speed.
- Added glassy look to forage compass.
- Added survey for foraging outside terrain areas. Your mini-map will show the yield after the forage cycle ends.
- Added new quests.
- Added new quest trigger type to support forage oriented activities.
- Server checks mine layout when generating monster spawns to avoid too many pop next to each other.
- Server should not anymore generate spawns in starter mine's top level.
- Fixed the character controller, strafe and backward speed match the run mode setting.
- Adjusted window colors and frame style.
- Added new quest to Sunny, also removed Rhubarb Cake recipe from vendor, it is quested now.
- Added Cactus Soup to counter zombie hunger debuff.
- Removed UNIQUE flag from ancient zombie heads.
- Fixed a bug with logon server failing to check username is case-sensitive manner.
- Fixed a bug with FUSE shaders causing bad lightning in certain angles.
- Fixed a bug with highlights to select entire characters instead only their head.
- Fixed a bug introduced last patch not allowing selection of another player.
- Added textures for heavy armors.
- Upgraded male player mesh/animations. They will need some tweaking the coming days.
- Upgraded female player mesh/animations. Use the command: / 0-9 to change hairType, or / 0-1 to change shade.
- Flint-stone found in mines can be sold at vendors.
- Added warehouse to several NPCs to buy/sell player crafted products.
- General server-side performance improvements
- Added new melee skills Double Strike, Crush and Cleave
- Renamed melee skill Quick Stab to Fast Attack
- Renamed melee skill Slash to Power Attack
- Changed the way minimap is drawn in mines. There is more detail and 7x7 pixel blocks.
- Player attacked by enemy creatures should anger player's pets.
- Pets should warp to players after teleporting.
- Updated minimap to show broken walls in red color.
- Updated algorithm which destroys walls for isolated monster spawns.
- Rusty Iron Key is not unique item anymore.
- Added new feature which allows isolated monster spawns to break through walls.
- Fixed a crash while installing a Vault.
- Adden humming noise for Vaults.
- Player guardians and caretakers can use teleporting when player has an operation Vault installed.
- Raiding monsters alert your Guardians. They will try to use teleport skills to get there as soon as possible.
- Added monster raids to player dungeons.
- Removed zoning block while player in combat.
- Added minion spawns for certain monsters to form patrol groups.
- Added /music.on / /sound.on / commands.
- Added warning about your dropped tombstone to collect them.
- Added Bria the leatherworker to Collapsed Mines.
- Added Balthazar the architect next to Herbert to split dungeon building recipes.
- Added NPC to offer alchemy quests, supplies and recipes.
- Added experience potions.
- Player forge occasionally casts crafting experience on crafting player.
- Fixed a bug displaying twice stock buy/sell texts, causing garbled texts.
- Added new resources to traders.
- Fixed a bug causing fishing always generate worst reward.
- Added new feature to aid creature path finding in mines to avoid blocks with tables/chests/crates.
- Fixed pet spells aggression and regenerate to apply correctly to tank pets.
- Changed loot tables to generate cloth/heavy armors.
- Added Modified armors to boss loot tables.
- Changed some quests to offer armor rewards.
- Fixed a potential bug generating overflow for item quantities.
- Fixed a bug causing guardians not to face the trainer machine or going too close to it.
- Fixed a bug generating poison effect after lucky strikes (they should be generated only after critical/epic strikes),
- Fixed a bug not generating hunger/thirst/poison for mine creatures.
- Fixed a bug forcing the weakest poison effect on player.
- Fixed a bug preventing support beam placement.
- Corrected carpet textures to allow adding more variants. Soon ™
- Fixed UI selection bug after resizing client started in window mode.
- Fixed flickering around room walls.
- Added Forge and Vault recipes to Herbert.
- Added new Caretaker Task 6: Fuel your Forges
- Improved detection of a refueled steam engine/forge to start up.
- Operating the mine doors shall slowly decrease their quality, and at some point caretaker task is triggered.
- Improved caretaker logic to only dispatch one caretaker for the same task.
- Improved caretaker logic to react to new tasks faster.
- Added new /xp command to remove excess experience from guardian spawners.
- Added new Caretaker Task 5: Repair Door
- Increased the rate stones drop in mines (limestone...basalt)
- Extended permission system to traps not to trigger on friendly creatures.
- There are significant changes to mine gates. You will have to remove and install your gates to make sure they are facing the right direction.
- Caretaker Task 4: Enchant your Guardian Spawners
- Adding new items to fishing loot.
- Changed the way fishing loot is generated in preparation for new recipes and items.
- Added new caretaker task to supply water from a nearby pond to the steam-engine.
- Added lakes (pond for now) to mines.
- Fixed looping object sounds.
- Several server side changes regarding mine objects/rooms.
- New recipes, and some recipe fixes.
- Added macro action for /survey command. Find it in your spell book.
- Fixed next target (TAB key) to select only monsters located on your mine level.
- Added caretaker book stand.
- Guardians returning to their spawn should level now.
- Fixed a bug introduced last patch not generating loot for monsters.
- Added Warehouse.
- Added Caretaker (scripted NPC who runs errands in your dungeon)
- Added loads of new recipes. Craft your very own steam engine and guardian trainer machine!
- Added a new mine which uses different algorithm to create reserved corridors. (more space for players to build).
- Added /toggle.guildinvites to toggle accepting guild invitations.
- Added /toggle.public.mining to toggle public mining mode. (default is private)
- Cleaned up code around mining, shouldn't be visible change to player.
- Changed the way monster spawners are generated to mines.
- All monster types will have dedicated spawner look.
- The creatures now scale more accurately to mine levels.

0.5 (Released 2014-09-30)
0000216: [User Interface] Accept guild invite
0000235: [Graphical Issues, Animations, Icons] Toggleable floating Names/Title Text.
0000206: [Items, Spells, Actions] Melee and range actions should follow the upgrade path.
0000251: [Crafting] What does Ingredient return chance do?
0000260: [Mines] Mining down should require shiftkey. Pets get stuck in holes.
0000258: [Quests] The Northern Miners quest should have a level 15 requirement
0000259: [Performance issues] Zoning players are not getting chat messages sent to any channels.
0000256: [Server] Collision handler got broken.
0000190: [Mines] Show mine weak points on minimap
0000123: [Mines] Personal crafting facility
0000252: [Items, Spells, Actions] Installing house door doesn't require having a door in inventory.
0000255: [User Interface] Toggleable guild names.
0000254: [Mines] Add checks for room like object placement in mines.
0000250: [Mines] Placement of the support beams doesn't always work.
0000215: [Items, Spells, Actions] Add more container types for existing furniture.
0000237: [User Interface] Mailbox text needs revision
0000248: [User Interface] Change Login/logout notifications
0000118: [User Interface] Incoming chat to inactive window should flash/color their tab texts.
0000249: [User Interface] Chat window tab positions do not update when channel name changes.
0000247: [Crafting] Farming Type Drop-Down Menu is disorganized
0000245: [Crafting] More More! Big Grin
0000244: [Items, Spells, Actions] Fix icons for farmer and fisher gear.
0000243: [Creatures] Guardians attack player's pet.
0000239: [Items, Spells, Actions] Can jump in mid-air (while falling)
0000236: [Items, Spells, Actions] More Descriptive Plate Pieces
0000241: [Content] New items wishlist
0000234: [Items, Spells, Actions] Item level restrictions are not checked.
0000233: [Quests] Quest for boss skeleton Lvl 30 rewards
0000232: [Items, Spells, Actions] Treasure overflow glitch!
0000180: [User Interface] Support for more than 8 mail queries.
0000227: [Server] Floating in water should not check collision deeper than 2 meters.
0000205: [Crafting] Problem with Jeweler levels
0000230: [Graphical Issues, Animations, Icons] Shaders for water spirits are broken.
0000229: [Crafting] Executing recipes using multiple water filled buckets fail to create same amount of empty buckets.
0000225: [User Interface] Move forage texts to separate file for better editing.
0000226: [Fishing] Add moving yield maps for fishing.
0000223: [Items, Spells, Actions] Extreme level on Mythology
0000220: [Farming and Harvesting] Player can dig from long distance. Needs distance check?
0000218: [Items, Spells, Actions] Summon Skeleton I doesn't work.
0000221: [Items, Spells, Actions] Flask click on water should fill one charge.
0000219: [Farming and Harvesting] Attempting to dig in a forbidden area fails, but does not provide an error message.
0000217: [Content] Waterbottles doesn't stack
0000214: [Server] Erosion should stop when server shutdown is initiated.
0000211: [Quests] Cursed Family V got update on skeleton lord without killing it.
0000210: [Items, Spells, Actions] Slash and Quick Stab does minimum damage after upgrading.
0000209: [Items, Spells, Actions] Wooden Chair level 10 recipe's icon is missing.
0000208: [Items, Spells, Actions] Tooltips should have an option to turn off.
0000207: [Combat Mechanics] Ammo should be checked before bow use.
0000199: [User Interface] Items do not stack when container is full.
0000204: [User Interface] Pressing "c" in game crashes game.
0000203: [Items, Spells, Actions] Empty flasks should stack.
0000196: [Crafting] Crafting speed should be renamed to duration and take it back in use.
0000198: [Crafting] Currently running recipe should indicate practice/study/make.
0000197: [Crafting] Study on trivial recipes doesn't yield xp.
0000192: [Farming and Harvesting] Some of the pine trees cannot be harvested.
0000191: [Farming and Harvesting] Farming skills do not show up on character sheet.
0000188: [Fishing] Highest reward should control announcements.
0000187: [Fishing] Do not allow fishing while floating in water.
0000186: [Mines] Dragging an item from one chest while opening another chest and dropping there crashes client.
0000179: [Items, Spells, Actions] Fishing skill should be usage based.
0000183: [User Interface] Do not allow deleting mails with attached items
0000159: [User Interface] Mob loot text. Instead of saying <mobName>'s Corpse, it reads <mobName>'d Corpse
0000161: [User Interface] The description for the Intelligence stat in the skills menu says "leaning" instead of "learning"
0000158: [User Interface] "Hovering" misspelled as "Hoovering" x2 in /faq
0000163: [Crafting] Clay gathering often results in zero resources gathered (no clay, no dirt)
0000165: [Mines] Mine inner entry walls, when clicked, report that you need a pickaxe, but not that they are un-minable
0000176: [Dungeons] Pets get stuck in dungeons on follow.
0000177: [Quests] Quest boss done without killing it
0000157: [Items, Spells, Actions] Stacked flasks, when right clicked on a water source, result in a single filled flask.
0000155: [Characters] Password box won't accept input
0000178: [User Interface] Improve waypoint editor
0000085: [Crafting] Ability to abort active craft.
0000175: [Server] Initiating certain action while in dead state potentially could crash zone.
0000172: [User Interface] Pop-up timer for logout wait-time to be added.
0000171: [Crafting] Craft queue progress bar should fill, not decrease.
0000170: [Server] Initiating server shutdown should immediately save all character data.
0000169: [Server] Add lag meter.
0000168: [Items, Spells, Actions] Show ownership feedback for all objects on left clicks.
0000167: [Items, Spells, Actions] Add missing spell upgrades for ice bolt and electric discharge spells
0000037: [Server] Logout using timer to lobby.
0000046: [Performance issues] Does not start when disconnecting monitor on laptop
0000150: [Combat Mechanics] Player death
0000082: [User Interface] Allow merging stack of items in the chest containers.
0000094: [Crafting] Have a max que button for crafting
0000146: [User Interface] Window handling
0000147: [User Interface] 3D ray cast fails when cursor is over invisible windows
0000086: [Quests] [Tutorial] Missions
0000021: [Missions] Implement trap generator to scale to mission levels.
0000144: [Crafting] Research
0000151: [Server] Zone crashes when player relogs after client crash
0000152: [Graphical Issues, Animations, Icons] Collision mesh out of sync with terrain of the world in starter zone
0000030: [User Interface] Add shadow to tabbed windows
0000002: [Server] Remote control panel to carry out basic server maintenance
0000067: [Graphical Issues, Animations, Icons] Tree harvesting animations
0000129: [Creatures] Creatures in dungeons can be attacked through walls/doors
0000023: [Performance issues] Optimize mesh vertex counts and normals
0000009: [Creatures] Pet pathing in mines
0000015: [Uncategorized] Audio support
0000020: [Characters] Sliding off steep terrain walls
- Adding craftable Pencil and paper. The paper is quested from Scribe, while the pen recipe is sold by the Woodworker.
- Added new feature: mine mapping, right click your pencil to record the explored mine. The pencil is consumed every time you update your map.
- Added 5 new craftable dungeon objects. Herbert sells the recipes.
- Added /survey command for detecting better quality locations.
- Fixed some of the jeweler recipe levels
- Removed strange debug things printed on pressing P key Smile
- Loot table handling for Treasure Hunt includes rare Boss tables. (Scroll item tiles should be high for this to start to show).
- Farming area detection should be more accurate.
- Added glare effect for the Mindbreaker hammer.
- Adding 5 new fishing skills, they will be visible on the character page.
- Adding 5 rare items to be fished out from lakes. They will add to fishing skills. The stats on these items may be adjusted as soon as we get fishing gear crafting done.
- Adding 3 new mining skills, should be visible on character page.
- Changing 2 food types to include buffs for mining.
- Added missing farming skills to character sheet.
- Added new farming gear (dress/pants/boots) to help with farming efficiency. Sold at the moment by farming supplier Julia.
- Added missing crafting skill stats to character sheet.
- It should be possible to cut down all the pine trees.
- Changing chest types and recipes. details here
- Fishing grants additional adventuring experience for rare finds Fishing
- Farming Supplies vendor to be added to farm fields (selling seed and equipment)
- Added new female NPC models. Please report any issues. Note, Sunny will get some cloth as soon as we get the fishing gear finished.
- Added new female meshes and textures, but they are not activate yet.
- Light Armor vendor offers cotton recipes.
- Collapsed mine teleporter entrance has been changed.
- Resetting hotbar has been fixed.
- Typo "Pleace" has been corrected.
- Chopped Branches recipe has been renamed to Tree Branches.
- Tutorial quest for missions should have additional info.
- Added new Zombie (generated with the Fuse tools). For now all zombie mesh got replaced with a single type and using only 2 different skins.
- Added tasks for your dungeon guardians. They will seek out your Trainer machines and visit them periodically to train themselves.
- Experimental 30 seconds logout timer. If you close the client without waiting, the server will keep your character ingame!
- Fixed an issue with camera in dungeons. It shouldn't escape through the ceiling when players stand on high grounds.
- Added Iron Veins to upper mine levels and adjusted general iron drop.
- Added crates and updated barrel meshes.
- 'Miner Brick' will take a new job as resource trader in starter town.
- 'Miner Estmorty' will be running resource trader job in Three Lakes.
- Guardians will earn xp for killing other monsters. It is at the moment reduced 25% xp, but still enough to see how they level up. Later on you will need monster trainer to earn xp for monsters.
- Added new recipes for making lesser skeletal guardian which can be placed in your dungeon to attack uninvited players. Guardians will level up when they earn enough experience.
- Added new Guardian experience tokens. They are generated when player removed an installed guardian generator, so its experience is transferred into these tokens.
- Added upgradable boost spells, attribute agmentations, mana collector
- Added upgradable summon spells (skeleton/golem). Old spells will be changed at some later time.
- Added option to select lower version of an upgraded spell.
- Added upgradeable healing spells.
- Added Spell Upgrade window. Press C and navigate to 3rd tab. You will see all your upgradable spells there. Click the + sign to purchase an upgrade.
- Fire Missile 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 spells have been removed, and replaced with single upgradable Fire Missile spell (the original given upon character creation). Brone Shanks sell it too.
- Added background image to dialog windows, also changed bold font type.
- Added Identified tag to market items.
- Added the identify treasure minigame. players will be able to extract bits of information out of treasures found while adventuring.
- Added Paper recipes, and bulk for crystals.
- Adding craft recipe navigation to UI. Click ingredient blue arrows to jump to their recipe, or click the recall icon to go back in history.
- Changed the way character models are dressed.
- Fixed character mining animations (legs should not get twisted in a funny way)
- Fixed bug: temporarily despawned monsters got replaced by pets.
- Added texture for fire protection robe and boots
- Fixing edit controls (got pretty much broken after last patch)
- Adding history to edit controls (up/down cursors)
- Added two new NPCs. Mama Yo gives master jeweler quests, Miner Brick will be the vendor for metallurgy recipes.
- Added 'mine decay' feature server side handlers in test mode.
- Added /remove.pit command to allow filling pits with extra dirt. Fully dug pits (shafts) cannot be filled this way.
- Added new dungeon tiles. Changed the collapsed mine crafter area to use limestone bricks.
- Added ladder recipes to Herbert.
- Added ladders. Use the /create.ladder /remove.ladder commands to build them. Click on an existing pit (with ladder installed) to climb it.
- Experimental digging in mines. Currently digging is limited to starter mine just in case something would go bad -> it will be easier to restore data.
- Added ceiling tiles. Use construction panel to install them the same way as floor tiles works.
- Limestone building blocks, crafting recipes. Marble has been made little higher level.
- Added depth/skill/stage based loot tables for mines.
- Added new rock types for mining.
- Added new jewelry quests.
- Mining experience. You will have to mine for it, the adventuring xp cannot be distributed to this skill anymore.
- 'Restless Explorer' stamina regeneration buff. (purchase it from Guards)
- 'Iron Defenses' warrior buff. (purchase it from Guards)
- Jewelry revamp. The earlier carnelian/amethyst recipes are T3 now, new tiers been added today. 60+ recipes for jewelers.
- Mission difficulty choices: Easy / Normal / Hard(Timed)
- Unique item flag means only one of the specific item can be equipped at any given time. (you may loot/sell and even store in dungeon chests those)
- Adjusted monster damage for missions. You should survive little easier now.
- Sword of Venom damage has been slightly reduced. It is still the best option for a level 16 adventurer.
- Market category filter (ingredients/armor/weapons/etc)
- Market sort options (combo box to select, newest/oldest/cheapest)
- Market item timeout added (2 weeks)
- Market sale limit added (based on your barter skill: 10 + bartering / 50)
- fixed heavy armor absorbtion
- added rhubarb/paprika/cotton/sugarcane/mushroom/pepper farm.
- adding farming limit
- fixing some typos
- adding seed for forage, removing wheat the same time.
- extending rot times to their double
- slowing down crop growth when farm gets dry (12 times slower than irrigated land)
- adding farming tool: hoe, infused hoe
- adding farming survey skill to locate suitable farming areas. when it's active the green areas mark farming locations
- added farming
- changing terrain rocks and their collision mesh
- fixed auto lock on aggro
- new program instructions
- fix: area damage shall not aggro friendly pets
- PVP area spell damage
- PVP enabled attacking hostile pets
- Fixed clay deposit's collision mesh
- Pet owner enters combat when pet gets aggro
- Pet aggro range follows owner's level. Also checks for elite enemies (+3 level aggro range)
- New icons and recipes
- PVP melee actions (quick stab, slash)
- PVP range actions (bow)
- PVP direct damage spells (except area spells)
- PVP team buffs/heals (e.g. if your target is flagged, but not in your team, you will heal yourself instead)
- PVP melee autoattack
- ESC key aborts harvesting/woodcutting/surface minings
- fixed secret illusion wall in arena
- changed area collision mesh to better support camera/jumping.
- visual fix to make sure other players do not disappear while jumping in dungeons
- updated PvP arena to be little more complex
- changed lightning system to support colored lights. (Foreman's lamp does have also bigger radius)

0.4 (Released 2014-03-24)
- fixed secret illusion wall in arena
- changed area collision mesh to better support camera/jumping.
- visual fix to make sure other players do not disappear while jumping in dungeons
- updated PvP arena to be little more complex
- changed lightning system to support colored lights. (Foreman's lamp does have also bigger radius)
- changing shaders to support up to 8 light sources.
- added /object.remove command to remove chests and gates
- added new portal stone. they are sold for now at tutorial agent until we get recipes fixed for them.
- removed bind on equip from perfected weapons.
- added back chest containers item split/merge functionality.
- introducing limited access mines where you may only build walls at deeper levels.
- fixed crafting effects visual bug (text displays 0%)
- making creatures explore houses, climbing stairs to reach players
- you may only drop items 'privately' on your own property (claimed blocks)
- guild window: right click on build member starts direct chat: /tell member
- guild window: connected promote/demote/kick buttons to send messages to server.
- guild window: indicates online guild members (green background)
- guild window: kicked out members should be removed from other's guild roster, and their guild window should be cleared too.
- added teleport to pvp arena from collapsed mines.
- adding guild window (sort by clicking column headers - toggle asc/desc order) (name, rank, last online, level)
- adding support to track guild member "level / last seen" to database (server side)
- changed player status handling (server side)
- pets left behind longer than 5 minutes will disappear
- pets shall not attack automatically the low level creatures.
- harvesting shall give feedback on expected success. (bountiful, half depleted, almost depleted, depleted)
- new tank pets. they have double health, aggression, regeneration, and require no additional mana for damage and hate generation. They have no damage.
- adding new quest series for levels 20 to undead town.
- adding reinforced wall recipe to Herbert
- added new grave objects for burned out village
- fixed fishing skill update
- fixed pet skeleton despawn when master takes them to daylight.
- Found the memory corruption finally.
- Quest Indicators for NPCs
- adding Newb's heavy armor coloring for tier 1/2/3 sets. Thanks!
- Nightwalkers/daywalkers option for creatures. Certain quest related NPCs shall appear only during night/day time. Undead generally night time, etc.
- Orb of Fiery Focus damage type has been changed from Cold to Heat.
- changed the way how zone servers are spawned. they should start their new process space, instead forking from main's.
- fixed the broken mine walls.
- added reinforced wall type. it uses 16 rock bricks to build upon a simple dirt wall. This is a two sided wall type.
- move level 12-14 skeletons and zombies away from start location to undead town.
- added small pond to start area. there will be new NPC giving quests.
- added guild controls for mines (see construction tab)
- added new reinforced wall look
- craft music added
- trade scam /off
- quests for infused tools
- house quests rewamped
- infused wood axe added
- wood axe mesh remade
- new recipes added
- fire elemental will de-buff you now
- fixed zone spawn function
- infused items will get BindOnEquip flag
- main server entity handling has been refactored
- adjusted fishing/mining/woodcutting loot tables to have higher chance and yield. coal should be much better now!
- 12 new research-able recipes
- added guild access for chests/doors. /object.guild.on to allow guild members access to your items. / to revoke access.
- server wide top lists on different kind of statistics. See the signposts near the tutorial agent.
- new recipes and items, craft quests
- new look for infused pickaxe
- aligned wood axe and pickaxe in player hands, also fixed female animation.
- added new a recipe type, where only one of the maximum of 4 ingredients will be used up. (meshed bones recipe uses this first)
- new flowers been added to foraging tables. they will be used in alchemy potion making.
- carbon and steel making quests (adventuring level 10-12 required) offered by Boldon Shanks in collapsed mines (for now).
- infused pickaxe works faster on clay/terrain rocks
- mining specials should not be affected by skills (marble/treasure/veins)
- bind on equip item flags
- right click gear should auto equip items (not just weapons)
- removed forage/harvest/fishing/mining boost.
- fixed character generation bug.
- fixed mid-air item drops.
- server side database cache has been refactored for character data
- added VendorSale for leather armors and crafted weapons
- added rusty iron key and chest.
- forced character data save
- fixed VendorSale flags for fished out items
- changed Crypt level limit to 35
- changed collision mesh for dropped furniture
- fixed iron sheets x5
- fixed reset health for returning monsters
- fixed male dead posture. his head will be dropped to ground.
- diagonal speed is limited to normal forward speed
- cannot change zone while in combat
- creatures stop attacking dead players
- added dead animation state
- jumping shouldn't cancel reduced speed
- poison resistance from food and poison protection from potions should stack now.
- adding potion recovery debuff
- adding cure poison potions and recipes
- adding poison resistance to cooking recipes
- adding poison protection potions
- fixed chat scrolling
- fixed achievement typo (Thanks Newb)
- fixed texture on Boots Of Fire Resistance and Tunic Of Fire Protection
- changed recipe study not to require a facility. (testing the idea from Newb)
- removed massive white hairclip (female model)
- added marble passage, wooden window, marble window (construction tab - they require tiles/planks only for now)
- items dropped to ground will show their amount
- fixed non-stackable items should not display garbled amount
- drop item checks (public mode is enforced in certain areas)
- electric discharge spells (arcane damage)
- collision mesh for passage walls
- tree branch loot table changes
- converted old blender mine objects to new blender version. this allows us adding new mine structures soon.
- glass recipes, flash
- furniture will be adjusted, for now some quick fixes.
- dungeon passage wooden tiles
- flawless work will double yield and halve progress, instead of completing recipe immediately.
- new ice bolt spells. These will cause cold damage.
- renamed some of the unique items
- 4 new unique items for Lava Elemental's loot-table (level 20 boss)
- changed mask of the berserker's icon
- drain spells drain for a minimum of 1 points on a successful hit.
- enabled flawless crafting. Checked once after recipe starts.
- fixed /dropsand to check permission tables
- added sort function to marketplace to show items added recently first. will be adding timeout feature that mails back weeks old items.
- changed cave entrance mesh. also relocated the one from lake side behind spider hill.
- added bulk charcoal recipe, changed charcoal recipes.
- added bulk wooden log to branches production recipe. find it at the furniture vendor.
- melee mitigation was removed, general absorbance was added instead. This attribute works on any type of incoming damage. (see additional post)
- adjusted creature's resistances, vulnerabilities and mitigation values
- changed water shader. terrain foliage doesn't get transparency errors on water anymore
- /reset.items will find and recover lost items.
- adding the missing health potions.
- adding Rare tag to specific treasure items.
- fixed Orb of Desert Sky's drain effect.
- added level up and dungeon music (Thanks David!)
- added new drain spells and mastery buffs
- fixed a nasty over indexing issue discovered today on test server
- added charcoal quest/recipes
- added forge flames
- added new visual effects, also rewrote the handlers to allow objects as emitters.
- implemented 11 new program instructions.
- added possibility to drop items to ground for others to pick them up. Hold the shift key while you drop to make them public.
- shifting walls will damage if you let them crush you. (also monsters if you get them stand there)
- fixed small issue with cash window
- added option to take specific amount of coins from your purse. right click the purse.
- added join team request popup
- added fill craft queue option for make/study/practice buttons. hold shift while clicking those buttons to activate fill option.
- added team loot printing and round-robin looting for teams
- added stamina potion for alchemy recipes.
- /s is server-wide chat (replacing /g global)
- /g is guild chat (used to be global chat)
- fixed no-xp mode
- adding /run to toggle run/walk mode
- fixing melee stance key activation. while in chat the F key is ignored to toggle stance.
- adding more guild control commands:
/guild.rename <new name>
/guild.kick <member name>
/guild.promote <member name>
/guild.demote <member name>
- added the following guild commands:
/guild.create <guild name>
/guild.invite <player name>
- added team invite button to friends panel
- enabled bronze and iron research, adjusted their levels.
- added chime to signal craft queue end.
- added small texts to progress bars.
- changed research panel. it was merged to craft queue. any old items placed earlier for research slot can be picked up from construction panel.
- changed effect on Rhubarb Cake.
- added new monster type - animated sword. they can be found in craft dungeon beyond the closed gates for level ranges 6-8.
- fixed music and sound effect fading issues, also increased music buffer count for slower PCs.
- added program agent that supports all simple statements and conditions
- added program compiler, parser, lexer
- added object program load/unload window. this will be extended later on.
- added program editor to craft window
- added programmable objects
- added program items
- added description to ingredients to help finding their forage/harvest/mining locations
- fixed the weird sound issues
- added recipe and quest chain for building your first house. you will need to be level 15 to get some of the final quests.
- fixed quest updater to check all your quests.
- added proper zoning indicator. It is more verbose now, so you won't get bored waiting
- added audio settings to logon panel, as usual remember to save them. combat settings are not in use yet.
- added permission based doors to houses. after building your house, you may add door to it.
- added player town plots. houses can be built on those designated places.
- added music player and several ambient musics to testing
- added tooltip for derived skills on character sheet.
- added new mana/stamina/health drain and conversion skills.
- added Orb skill. They are pretty hard to acquire, usually rare boss drops - but well worth the trouble
- added flint + recipes to build explosion charges for mining and destroying things like creature spawns.
- added possibility to destroy creature spawns in mines. see guide section for details.
- added proper player strafe controller.
- added description to NPC nametags
- added fishing!
- several bugs been fixed, thanks to Boxpipe/Slanteye and others in the group!
- male jump animation has been updated, it looks less weird now
- fixed some client side logon issues
- window color scheme has been changed. there is new border for windows now.
- fixed music and sound effect fading issues, also increased music buffer count for slower PCs.
- added program agent that supports all simple statements and conditions
- added program compiler, parser, lexer
- added object program load/unload window. this will be extended later on.
- added program editor to craft window
- added programmable objects
- added program items
- added description to ingredients to help finding their forage/harvest/mining locations
- fixed the weird sound issues
- added recipe and quest chain for building your first house. you will need to be level 15 to get some of the final quests.
- fixed quest updater to check all your quests.
- added proper zoning indicator. It is more verbose now, so you won't get bored waiting Smile
- added audio settings to logon panel, as usual remember to save them. combat settings are not in use yet.
- added permission based doors to houses. after building your house, you may add door to it.
- added player town plots. houses can be built on those designated places.
- added music player and several ambient musics to testing
- added tooltip for derived skills on character sheet.
- added new mana/stamina/health drain and conversion skills.
- added Orb skill. They are pretty hard to acquire, usually rare boss drops - but well worth the trouble Smile
- added flint + recipes to build explosion charges for mining and destroying things like creature spawns.
- added possibility to destroy creature spawns in mines. see guide section for details.
- added proper player strafe controller.
- added description to NPC nametags
- added fishing!
- several bugs been fixed, thanks to Boxpipe/Slanteye and others in the group!
- male jump animation has been updated, it looks less weird now Smile
- fixed some client side logon issues
- window color scheme has been changed. there is new border for windows now.
- Trees grow in 6 stages to reach their maximum height. Harvesting a fully grown tree yields more resource than in earlier stages.
- Trees will fall to ground after cutting them, then after looting they disappear and reappear in smallest form.
- Added sound system using OpenAL libraries. It supports positional 3D, 2D and ambient background effects. 0.5 schedule probably will change due to audio challenges.
- Walking/Running sounds
- Spell casting sound
- Swimming sounds
- Forage sounds
- Mining sounds
- Sword/Dagger sounds
- Static object sounds (protals, dipping water, shrines, ...)
- Creature attack sounds (spider effects only so far)
- Environmental ambient sound effects (desert/plains/hills/cave/dungeon/lakes) They also suggest forage area type.
- Research has been added. Now you can discover new recipes by researching your items. Try researching Fine Bronze Dagger once you learn its recipe.
- Changed the way UI window frames work. They should highlight on mouse over events.
- Tooltips on items resize to displayed content.
- UI window themes been added. They are not selectable yet.

- Some typo regarding damage resistance texts.

0.3 (Released 2013-04-06)
What's New:
- Added damage types and updated character window to display all derived skills.
- Added 50+ new spells; old ones are also trimmed.
- New quests for low levels.
- New armor quests.
- New armor recipes, also changed some of the graphics.

- [Creatures] Adjustable repop timer for creatures.
- [Creatures] Control aggro range of creatures.
- [Quests] Quest objectives (collect, deliver, activate).
- [Quests] Quest items should drop only if player is on that specific quest.
- [User Interface] Sort loot window items.
- [Server] Need a cleanup function which removes deleted records, and relations from the database.
- [User Interface] Check skill requirements for equipped items.
- [Dungeons] Flaming weapon effects.
- [Vendors] New effect types needed.
- [Website] Fix some broken php functions.
- [Items, Spells, Actions] Spells moved to Trashcan fail to clear from hotbar and spellbook.
- [Items, Spells, Actions] Offline time should effect only Lifestone recharge times.
- [Characters] Equipment doesn't show / check skill requirements on equip.
- [Server] Binding to lifestones.
- [User Interface] Learning new spells and right-clicking them in spell book results in client crash.

0.2 (Released 2013-03-01)
- [Content] Trivial loot should always drop regardless the level difference.
- [Missions] Level range for NPC missions.
- [User Interface] Add Help button (question mark) to tabbed windows..
- [User Interface] Check distance for dropped items.
- [Creatures] Chase should't retry the blocked route.
- [Dungeons] Required and maximum levels for dungeons.
- [Dungeons] Create announcer objects.
- [Dungeons] Create phasing/sliding walls.
- [Dungeons] Implement creature sensors.
- [Server] Zoning progress is not removed after using teleport which would move player within the same zone.
- [User Interface] Items placed on hotbar stop working after first activation.
- [User Interface] Items get a shade effect after zoning.
- [Graphical Issues, Animations, Icons] Terrain splat.
- [Dungeons] Create draft dungeon versions with mission designer tool.
- [Graphical Issues, Animations, Icons] Underwater shader.
- [Website] Forums are needed back online.
- [Quests] Abandon Quest button does not work.
- [User Interface] Abort casting a spell by pressing ESC.
- [Server] Read Mail window needs a reply button..
- [User Interface] Cursor should change on resize/move/scroll areas..
- [Graphical Issues, Animations, Icons] Floating in water.
- [User Interface] Construction control panel.
- [User Interface] The ingredients section does not update automatically when the craft window is open.
- [Characters] Player can still attack when not facing the creature.
- [User Interface] Dual wielding daggers.
- [Crafting] Crafting order.
- [Crafting] Study.
- [User Interface] Make spells/actions usable directly from spell book.
- [User Interface] Default actions should be customizable.
- [Characters] Sell window does not refresh.
- [Graphical Issues, Animations, Icons] Heavy Armor graphics.
- [Characters] Right clicking on self opens Trade window.
- [Quests] Creature group checks fail..
- [Items, Spells, Actions] Can cast a buff or heal spell on someone from any distance.
- [Vendors] Can click on and open a vendor from just about any distance.
- [Server] Mage Online Launcher 1.41.
- [Combat Mechanics] In combat you must face your targets.
- [Items, Spells, Actions] Junk items dropped to ground should rot..
- [User Interface] Effect timers should be moved to upper right corner. Lower right corner is for item counters..
- [Graphical Issues, Animations, Icons] Foraging animations.
- [Graphical Issues, Animations, Icons] Upgraded human meshes from blender 2.49b to 2.63.
- [Content] Trivial loot.
- [Crafting] Crafting spells.
- [Creatures] Slow initial spawn times....

0.1 (Released 2013-02-03)
- [Combat Mechanics] Implemented range combat.
- [Combat Mechanics] Dual-wield, Two-Handed skills.
- [Crafting] New weapons.
- [Vendors] Renaming Bartering skill to Smooth-talking.
- [Vendors] Barter skill at vendors.
- [Crafting] Foraging.
- [Characters] Print regeneration stats on character sheet.
- [Items, Spells, Actions] Pet regeneration does not seem to work any more.
- [Vendors] Shift+RMB to sell and buy items at vendors.
- [Crafting] Cooking recipes to be added.
- [User Interface] Cancel a friendly effect..
- [User Interface] hotbar button sticking again.
- [Server] Client version must be incremented each build..
- [User Interface] When turning in a quest have the button say "Complete Quest" instead of "Continue Quest" also have the background color green.
- [User Interface] /online command does not work.
- [User Interface] Chat window scroll bar and jump to bottom button doesn't work..
- [Crafting] Crafting skill/level to information window..
- [Server] Players on friend list should send notify message when they are online..
- [Creatures] Creature re-spawn time Adjustment.
- [Crafting] Study should not start on high ranked recipes..
- [Vendors] Sold items message tells buyer's name.
- [Crafting] Reorganize craft queue items.
- [Crafting] Study and practice now gives the proper bonus xp.
- [Mines] Wandering monsters.
- [Quests] New player experience.
- [User Interface] Chat commands.
- [User Interface] Auto loot options.
- [User Interface] When entering long text in the chat window the text goes past the window size..
- [User Interface] Hotbar actions get stuck.
- [User Interface] client crash on mail.
- [Mines] Ore veins.
- [User Interface] Can a Exp Debt bar be added to the hud under the Exp bar?.
- [User Interface] Would it be possible to have the Shift + hover over an Effect give the details?.
- [User Interface] Boss indicator for targeted creatures.
- [User Interface] Craft category info panel is misaligned.
- [User Interface] Social window - friends tab - list box is misaligned.
- [User Interface] Crafting window recipe rank up button overlaps the study button.
- [User Interface] Remember does not work on Login screen.
- [Creatures] I think the Exp for Fungi Lord is wrong, I get about 25k per kill.

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