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March 04, 2017, 06:37:32 PM
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Hello team of Mage online

First off, I am quite impressed with this game. I wasn't expecting such a feature rich game, with such a level of polish to boot. It's really cool so kudos to the devs.

Now the only thing it lacks is a population obviously as most people don't even know it exists, but iv noticed it was greenlit on steam and the release date there said "late 2016" so I'm just curious if the steam release would be soon? If not, what are the things you feel the game needs before it would be ready for a steam release? A free to play sandbox mmo with no cash shop like this would be absolutely huge as there is a large market of players that love these type of games. Anyways good work on the game guys you really got something special here!

P.S. where is clay? I've been mining everywhere trying to find some but I've had no luck yet lol not sure what I'm missing

March 04, 2017, 06:50:14 PM
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Welcome to MO!

Valve pretty much didn't like the idea that we do not charge money for this game. To be honest, this has always been a hobby for most of us and couldn't commit to offer proper support to our players 24/7 which is why we thought a free game should truly be free :)

We are using MYSQL database, and now im in the process to change that to SQLite which will allow us to offer dedicated servers, and let players manage the content entirely.

If we get this far, i can imagine we could charge a low 9$ for the game so Valve would be happy to publish it.

I will show where the clay is in-game.